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For years, I climbed the rungs of the corporate ladder; proving my worth at work while struggling to balance my home Life. Sacrificing creativity & spirituality for statistical analysis & conference calls. I strove for success in a way I believed was the natural course. And while I loved leveraging my intellectual gifts for the gains it offered in my life, something never quite fit. It felt as though I was working (waiting) for the day when I could unleash my inner-potential and just be my true self. That day could have easily passed by unnoticed. Luckily I woke up and decided no more waiting to meet "me". It was time for a change. I left a soul-sucking job in favor of actually Living my one Life. We all have passions - some are just stifled to the point of submission. I myself have many and while I won't bore you with the list, I can tell you three common threads among them: Community. People. Connectedness. It is these passions, coupled with the skills cultivated in my "former life" and my creative approach that drives me to succeed as Your Real Estate Agent. And well...., "drives" is incorrect, for I am at the wheel.

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